Investing? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart!

Capital Group remains poised despite the troubling economic climate putting investors on edge. With China’s seemingly dreadful economic depression and unpredictable currency devaluation, having an expert as experienced as Capital Group’s Timothy “Tim” Armour matters. Mr. Armour succeeded the late chairman James “Jim” Rothenberg in July 2015. Currently, he operates in the capacity of chief executive, director, and chairman. He studied Economics at Vermont’s renowned Middlebury College where he received his Bachelor’s.

Following graduation, Mr. Timothy Armour did his internship with Capital Group in 1983. Prior to reaching the firm’s helm, he was an associate equity analyst. He was later promoted to portfolio manager. Mr. Armour has evolved in his career in the last three years, helping many U.S. and global telecommunication partners reach new heights. Under the mentorship of industry veterans, particularly senior management bodies within Capital Group, Mr. Armour exhibited immense humility. With this, he acquired new skills and knowledge that aided him in continuing the firm’s eighty-six-year-old legacy. He also chairs the firm’s management committee alongside Capital Group’s President, Phil de Toledo, Capital Research/Management Company’s President Robert “Rob” Lovelace.

As a manager instituted on sound collegial leadership and principles, it’s befitting that they’ve chosen a successor from within. After all, senior management has invested many years grooming Mr. Armour to assume this destiny. With the company’s emergence from the shadows, it’s apparent Mr. Armour is destined to lead Capital Group. Him focusing on research, product sales, and advertising have certainly paid off. Capital Group has commanded industry watchdogs attention with its latest performance report. And, Mr. Armour’s unabating approach to strategic portfolio management is paving the way to greener pastures in the near future.

Timothy Armour manages the Los Angeles headquarters and functions as an equity investment manager. With former chairman, Mr. Rothenberg’s passing, Capital Group needed a talented and spirited leader. The charismatic Mr. Armour, a former deputy to Mr. Rothenberg, possesses comprehensive knowledge and superior in-house experience. He’s rallied Capital’s expert research associates in expounding the truths behind the firm’s sound fund management strategies.