Matt Badiali Promises Investors High Returns For Freedom Checks

Some people save enough in their 401(k) accounts for retirement, but most need extra money. The average dual-working family will receive only $2,800 from Social Security each year. Matt Badiali works for Banyan Hill as a senior analyst.

Freedom Checks take advantage of a tax code law that allows investors to earn an additional subsidy and high returns from the US government. The government issues checks to investors who use their money wisely. An initial investment is required to receive a Freedom Check, but it will lead to above-average returns. Badiali’s partner companies buy equipment, market products, and pay workers. The government offers incentives to those that use the country’s natural resources.

Freedom Checks rely on Statute 26-F of the tax code. Most companies do not qualify, but Matt Badiali has made a list of those that do. Statute 26-F allows companies to avoid paying federal taxes legally. The main requirement for companies to qualify is to give their stakeholders a percentage of their earnings. Companies must be organized as Master Limited Partnerships, which can be publicly traded. The majority of MLPs are in the energy sector. Matt Badiali says by July 2018, investors will be paid $34.8 billion. An investment requires only $10 in initial capital.

Matt Badiali obtained his earth science B.S. from Penn State University. Later, he obtained his geology Master of Science from Florida Atlantic University. He wanted to help the average investor invest money the right way. The people he has helped throughout his career have seen their money double or triple their initial investments. His background in science inspired him to write a newsletter about natural resources.

He begins each day at 6:30 reading the newspaper and watching the news before taking his daughter to school. He goes to the office at 8 and writes for a few hours to prepare for the work day. He has traveled around the globe to gain a broader perspective of how people live. He is excited about the future of the utilization of energy-efficient resources.

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