NTC Launches New Website

Nationwide Title Clearing is an institution that is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. The organization is privately owned, and it is currently the leading research and document processing service providers in the United States. The company provides its services mostly to mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers in the country. NTC was founded in the year 1991, and since then, it is has delivered high-quality services especially in document processing. In its operations, the company ensures that it follows standards that protect the homeowners, the mortgage banking industry, and the national land records.


NTC has employed a team of dedicated document experts who have the experience to track and also fulfill the document requirements in the recording jurisdiction nationwide. The company is known for providing property reports, land records, lien release services, final document tracking, custom business solutions and assignment services. The company has expanded its services in the recent past to cater for the needs of the growing real estate industry.


The company has noticed that title defects have become very common in the recent times, and this has become one of the leading causes of concern in the industry for all the stakeholders. Title defects lead to wrongful foreclosures and stagnation of smooth transactions in the secondary market. Nationwide Title Clearing understands that the property document have a lot of value to the investors and property owners, and they should not have any defects.


To ensure that this problem comes to an end, NTC has decided to launch a website that will make the whole process of securing necessary property records as simple as possible. The new website from Nationwide Title Clearing will ensure that all property reports are available on the internet for everyone.


According to a recent study by the company, most of the title defects occur when an individual lays claim to a particular property that is already owned by another entity. Several other factors can cause defects in this documents, but this is the most common cause. The chief executive officer of NTC, John Hillman says that all property owners in the country must address any title defects present before they choose to sell the property or transfer it to other people.


The company has now put in place several measures to ensure that consumers do not experience this problem. The institution has put valuable property records online for everyone to see. If an individual realizes that their property documents provided online are not in order, they can start processing them again to prevent more problems in future.