Securus Technologies – Helping Inmates Stay Connected with Their Families

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications and crime prevention technology firm that offer its services to over 1.2 million inmates and 2,600 correctional agencies in the United States. The company is known for developing innovative and effective technology that helps the inmates stay connected to their friends and relatives. Securus Technologies invests heavily in research and development and recently launched a new service for the inmates and their family called the video visitation service.


Through this service, the inmates would be able to talk to their friends and relatives virtually. It is a cost-effective way of helping the inmates get more communication opportunities. The relatives and friends can also send money to the inmates through the money transfer services offered by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is widely known as one of the best technology firms in the country when talking about inmate communication and prison technology. The company offers many different services and continues to launch new services every week. It has one of the most comprehensive ranges of crime prevention and inmate communication services on offer, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost a bomb like its counterparts.


The company also released a press release online that contained the excerpts from the letters written by the law enforcement officials. The press release was published with the aim to showcase how the company is making a huge impact in the correctional sphere, and how it is helping law enforcement officials to perform better. There are many firms active in this sector, but Securus Technologies has been innovating and developing cutting edge services that are far more advanced, affordable, and reliable than what the competitors offer.


As a law enforcement official myself, I regularly use the services of Securus Technologies and found it tremendously helpful in my job. It helps in getting the information needed to put the criminals behind the bar and reduce the crime rate.