Serge Belamant: First Blockchain Debit Card.

The universe only blockchain debit card is used by over three million people. It is growing quite fast. The creator is UEPS. Blockchain technology is offering banking services at a very low cost. It is the most cost-effective in the world. The management of UEPS is expecting high returns by the year 2020. If it achieves the target of $2.50 EPS then it will be left without any form of debt.

Serge Belamant registration for patents covers the following developments.

• Verification of the identity of the one who is transacting – to facilitate a transaction there must be an account number and the details of the one who is transacting. This will ensure that the one who is transacting is the one who he or she says they are.

• Financial Transactions that have changing pins – this is where in case the details that have been given by the transactor, a pin is generated for them to access and transact. For instance in an ATM to withdraw cash one must input a onetime pin that is auto generated.

• Classification of electronic financial transactions – these transactions are categorized according to the circumstances. The classification can either be normal or duress. When normal the one transacting is given permission to a normal suite of transaction. When duress, the one transacting is denied the right or permission to transact. The account may be frozen and assistance to the client is recommended.

• Financial transactions that are secure – a primary account number is administered to the transactor. The actual account number is stored in an encrypted form. This is to enhance security. The primary account number may also consist the amount to be transacted. The actual amount and the account number are encrypted and attached to the simulated pan.

• Method and tool for controlling a gaming operation – a smart card is a system for controlling a gaming operation.
Serge Belamant is a writer, a copywriter, and technical writer. He has been brought up in South Africa though born in France. He studied engineering, computer science, and information science. Serge Belamant has engineering experience as he worked in an engineering company called the matrix. Serge Belamant is an application developer on the cyber computer. He has developed an application to analyze dam levels and predict future seasons especially the dry ones.

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