Sheldon Lavin Is The Secret Success Behind OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer for OSI Group, a multi-billion dollar food company located in the United States. OSI maintains its base of operations in the US where it was founded in Chicago, but they have dozens of food processing facilities around the country as well as many more across more than 17 countries worldwide. One of the biggest improvements to OSI Group’s success was the contract they formed with McDonald’s back in the 50’s, a contract that Sheldon Lavin does well to maintain to this day. With McDonald’s being the largest fast food chain in the world, this is a major source of profit for OSI.

There is much more to Sheldon Lavin than his financial success or his current executive position at OSI Group. Sheldon is an extremely generous figure throughout many communities all over the country and he is an active member for a variety of different non-profit organizations, including the Sheba Foundation. Sheldon has been working with McDonald’s for decades through a mutual business relationship, but Sheldon has also remained a board member and active donator to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Today, Sheldon is best known for his executive position at OSI Group, being one of the biggest food companies in the entire world. However, Sheldon was also a success long before he ever joined up with Otto & Sons in the 1970’s. After graduating from University, Sheldon successfully started off his own firm known as Sheldon Lavin & Associates. DUe to the companies success, Sheldon ran this company for more than a decade before ultimately moving over to OSI Group as the Chief Executive Officer. Currently, Sheldon is still focused on the continued expansion of OSI and has plans to open new facilities in the near future in several different locations. On top of this, the original facility in Chicago is being expanded on to allow for greater distribution through the area.

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