Southridge Capital Offers Clients a Host of Financing Options

Southridge Capital is a major player in the finance sector. The company offers structured and advisory finance options for public-facing companies. Its client base is diverse and one that looks for a full array of unique financial services. Southridge can also take pride in its excellent crop of executive team members. They have a solid and deep understanding of financial markets and what clients need with respect to financial plans and the ability to execute those plans.

So far, Southridge Capital has already invested up to $1.8 million in companies in a positive growth stage. Southridge has invested globally since 1996. Southridge has also worked with, and financed, more than 250 companies. A major benefit of Southridge is that it has the talent and skills to consult with respect to virtually any corporate concern. From the desire to become a public company to needing tailored financing, Southridge can step up to the plate and assist public companies in an effective way.

There are a number of services that Southridge performs. These include projected financial statements, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, restricting, and bankruptcy negotiations. The company also works to help settle litigation when necessary. Southridge helps companies to save time and money by helping to define every legal matter a company may have to contend with.

Southridge Capital also offers an Equity Purchase Agreement whereby companies can raise capital in spite of negative market conditions. This entails loans against common stock, convertible preferred stock, convertible debentures, and other products. The company’s goal is to make sure that clients receive the funding they need to pursue success.

The restructuring process entails that companies will have to find ways to streamline their operations. This includes manufacturing processes, changing product lines to operate more efficiently, and even filing for bankruptcy in some instances. You can visit their website

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