WEN By Chaz’s Fig Cleansing Conditioner Puts The Oomph Back into Blogger’s Limp Locks

Fine, thin, limp and a bit frizzy describes the medium length hair of beauty blogger Emily McClure. She’s been cursed like many of us in that regard, but there are ways to fight back. Emily decided to try something totally different, a no lather shampoo system by Wen By Chaz.

She even took notes in a hair diary and provided hair selfies so her Bustle.com readers could see her results. Emily stayed with the FIG cleansing conditioner for seven days, existing without a shampoo’s big, sudsy lather.

Famous stylist Chaz Dean invented the iconic WEN By Chaz no lather shampoo technique. He is the pioneer and his hair care line, the true original. WEN By Chaz removes the damaging chemicals like sulfates and adds nourishing, healthy, plant-based ingredients. His unique cleansing conditioners offer super shine, manageability and volume to hair of every type.

Chaz Dean lives an holistic lifestyle and wanted his brand to reflect that purity and return to nature. His celebrity clientele remain faithful to these amazing formulas, because they work beautifully. Chaz sells his products exclusively from retailers such as Amazon and Guthy-Renker.

Emily was afraid to use the proper amount of product in the shower, because she thought it was insanely excessive. So, she skimped every morning on the WEN, and yet amazingly, still achieved a glossy, soft and voluminous mane. Look at her selfies, and see her gorgeous, new locks.

When it comes to WEN By Chaz, ample product is required to produce the ultimate results, since there is zero lather.

Emily’s close girlfriends noticed her gorgeous mane right away and wanted to know her new hair secret. Emily was enjoying the attention and compliments.

For WEN By Chaz to work its magic, Emily suggests taking the time and effort. Always blow-dry after a WEN wash, and use your favorite styling tools.

You won’t be disappointed. Follow Wen: https://twitter.com/wenhaircare